0age: Seaport, and protocol development with OpenSea
June 2nd, 2022

Here is my conversation with 0age: intothebytecode.xyz/0age-seaport/

0age is the Head of Protocol Development at OpenSea, and this was a conversation about Seaport, the new marketplace protocol for buying and selling NFTs.

0age takes us through a tour of the Seaport protocol, talking about how it's architected; how conduits and zones work; and we even get into the low level gas optimization work they've done on the contracts. I hope this can be a helpful resource for anyone looking to understand the Seaport protocol or anyone who's building with NFTs more broadly. I also consider 0age to be a true veteran of the space, and hearing him talk through the design of the protocol can be an educational experience in its own rights. I definitely personally found that to be the case.

I hope you enjoy!


1:42 why build Seaport
10:20 the Seaport architecture
12:44 EIP712 signatures
14:17 the global concept of a nonce
16:02 EIP1271 and bulk listings
17:18 the Executor and conduits
25:08 zones, additional rules that can be applied on top of an order
29:47 implementing English auctions via zones
32:17 layers of the stack
36:05 fulfillment
40:42 gas optimizations and understanding the low-level behavior of the EVM
58:40 the interaction between OpenSea the product and Seaport the protocol
01:07:06 criteria based items, and partial fills
01:17:50 ideas to build on top of Seaport

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