Josh Stark: the Ethereum Foundation & Atoms, Institutions, Blockchains
June 14th, 2022

Here is my conversation with Josh Stark from the Ethereum Foundation:

Josh has a long history in the Ethereum ecosystem going back to the early days of the community. He cofounded one of the first L2 scaling protocols with Counterfactual. He also cofounded ETHGlobal which is a much-loved series of hackathons/events that brings the community together and which acts as an entry point into the ecosystem for many people. And nowadays and most relevant to our conversation, he works in a leadership capacity at the Ethereum Foundations.

In this conversation, we talked about two topics: one being the Ethereum Foundation, and two being the question of why blockchain is matter — this being something that Josh has spent a lot of time thinking about and which he's written about in a long form piece titled Atoms, Institutions, Blockchains.


3:50 subtraction
7:22 creating a self-sufficient crypto ecosystem
12:33 the property of ‘hardness’ for blockchains
17:47 understanding decentralization
23:11 Atoms, Institutions, Blockchains
26:00 blind men and an elephant
33:06 our civilization’s infrastructure
43:33 digitally-native hardness
59:38 how the EF operates
1:06:21 challenges with decentralized coordination
1:12:08 infinite players have nothing but their names

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