Matthew Chaim: Songcamp, immersive digital theatre
May 5th, 2022

Here is my conversation with Matthew Chaim:

Matthew is building a laboratory experimenting at the edges of music and web3.

It's called Songcamp, and right now they're running their third immersive experience. They're coming together with a group of musicians, visual designers, developers, and at the end of this process, will be releasing new music under the moniker of a single headless artist called Chaos.

I've been personally completely nerdsniped by Songcamp and think it’s one of the most beautiful corners of our web3 ecosystem.

I hope you enjoy!


  • 1:08 - Songcamp a web3 laboratory
  • 3:27 - songwriting camps
  • 6:30 - imaginative language and lore
  • 11:12 - incentive alignment
  • 20:55 - selection and curation
  • 30:31 - immersive digital theatre
  • 36:18 - having fun
  • 38:03 - the power of IRL
  • 43:01 - what’s next
  • 51:37 - economic models for internet-native collectives
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