Henri Stern: Privy, building for data privacy and security
May 19th, 2022

Here is my conversation with Henri Stern who is building Privy: https://www.intothebytecode.xyz/henri-stern-privy/

Henri was previously a research scientist at Protocol Labs and worked on Filecoin’s consensus protocol. And after many years of thinking through problems related to data privacy and security, he recently co-founded a new company called Privy where they provide a suite of API tools to store and manage user data off chain.

In this conversation, we talked through a set of topics that Henri has a unique point of view on — starting with the question around the seeming trade-off between privacy/security on the one hand and UX/convenience on the other. We talked about principles he has in mind in designing an off-chain data system; how privy does encryption and key management; how they do permissioning; and how they think about data storage.


  • 2:30 - designing the product/protocol roadmap
  • 10:30 - privacy/security vs. convenience
  • 19:27 - building an web3 application
  • 23:20 - decentralizing Privy
  • 32:09 - key management architecture
  • 46:11 - verifiability, transparency as a disinfectant
  • 59:02 - building a product with private data
  • 1:07:08 - cofounder relationship

I hope you enjoy!

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