Charles St.Louis: Element Finance and voting vaults as a primitive
May 24th, 2022

Here is my conversation with Charles St.Louis:

Charles St.Louis is the COO at Element Finance, a protocol for fixed and variable rate yield markets and previously the governance architect at MakerDAO.

In this conversation, we talked about Element’s governance system - with a particular focus on voting vaults, a powerful new primitive that decouple the relationship between capital and voting power and allow much more expressiveness in how users are given a governance voice in the ecosystem.


  • 2:54 - MakerDAO’s arc of decentralization
  • 7:51 - how Maker influenced Element’s design
  • 10:22 - the Governance Steering Council
  • 21:25 - voting vaults
  • 29:10 - L1 and L2 for governance
  • 33:23 - qualitative evaluation for contributions
  • 37:50 - the ElFiverse and NFTs in the Element community
  • 42:24 - on being a protocol delegate
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