#5 – John Palmer & Danny Aranda: PartyDAO, and shipping product as a DAO
October 29th, 2021

Hey everyone, just published a new podcast episode: share.transistor.fm/s/bb6ffbc1

This is a conversation with John Palmer and Danny Aranda about PartyDAO - the DAO building PartyBid - the product that lets people pool their funds and participate in NFT auctions as a team.

We dive deep into John and Danny’s experience building this project. We talk about what they see as the role of product vision in the DAO, how they think about hiring, the organizational design, the stack of tools they use to operate, and the legal structures they're considering. We also touch on the role of community in NFTs, social investing, and what John and Danny see as particularly interesting things to work on today.

I think this conversation is worth listening to for anyone building in crypto today. There’s a lot to learn from PartyDAO as a case study.

I hope you enjoy!

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