Pedro Gomes: WalletConnect v2, account abstraction, and building a communications protocol
August 24th, 2022

Hi everyone, here’s my conversation with Pedro Gomes, the cofounder and CEO of

WalletConnect is a communications protocol that enables wallets and apps to securely connect and interact.

In this conversation, We talked about WalletConnect v2 and its architecture, account abstraction, potential downstream effects of a crypto-native chat protocol, and other topics.

0:00 intro
8:00 developing the user experience before creating the product
10:23 account abstraction and the spectrum of security and convenience
20:39 WalletConnect APIs and “Log in with Ethereum”
28:55 how WalletConnect works
37:45 light clients and generalized messaging protocols
45:36 the politics of making big changes to the Ethereum protocol
50:14 connecting wallets with WalletConnect Chat

Mentioned in the show:
EIP2938 (account abstraction) -
WalletConnect APIs -

I hope you enjoy!

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