Simon de la Rouviere: cc0, derivatives, and bottom-up storytelling
April 28th, 2022

Here is my conversation with Simon de la Rouviere:

Simon’s exploration of creative mechanism design through the years is documented on his blog. His contributions to the space range from seeding the idea of bonding curves and curation markets, to building one of the first creator platforms with Ujo, to writing a full length novel experimenting with different publishing models, to now working on bottom-up storytelling with Untitled Frontier.

In this conversation, we talked about cc0, designing NFT economies to welcome derivative works, bottom-up storytelling, and much more.

I hope you enjoy!


  • 1:29 - How Simon got into the craft of storytelling
  • 6:25 - The lonely process of long-form content creation
  • 9:53 - Kishōtenketsu
  • 14:26 - Top-down vs. bottom-up storytelling
  • 21:52 - “The medium is the message.”
  • 27:17 - CC0, derivatives, Jenkins the Valet
  • 34:43 - Harberger Taxes and mechanism design
  • 39:51 - NFTs vs ERC20s for ownership and governance
  • 44:06 - New power structures

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